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Welcome to the Wedding Sparklers Store!

We’re an online wedding sparklers store with big selection and cheap prices. We are the best place online to buy wedding sparklers, Chinese sky lanterns, and wooden roses. We offer the widest selection of cheap wedding sparklers and other unique items to enhance your wedding day experience at the lowest prices available. Our sparklers for weddings are the highest quality available and are packaged specifically for weddings, ensuring a perfect fit into your wedding theme or décor.

We also offer free shipping on all orders or $50, making wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, or wooden roses and affordable addition to any wedding budget.  Whether you are having a large wedding with over 250 guests or a more intimate affair with just your close friends and relatives, The Wedding Sparklers Store has the perfect package of cheap weddings sparklers and other high quality items to make your wedding a day to remember.

Our Most Popular Items:

10" Wedding Sparklers10″ Wedding Sparklers
As our most affordable option, 10” wedding sparklers will give you the largest quantity of sparklers for your money. They last about 30-45 seconds each.
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10" Color Sparklers10″ Color Sparklers
These lovely 10” color sparklers make a fabulous addition to any wedding celebration. available in 3 colors, they last about 30-45 seconds each.
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18" Neon Sparklers18″ Neon Sparklers
These amazingly colorful 18” neon sparklers feature vivid and rich colors that will make your wedding even more memorable. They last about 1 1/2 minutes each.
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20" Wedding Sparklers20″ Wedding Sparklers
Our 20” wedding sparklers are our best-selling size sparklers, and for good reason. Each of these sparklers will burn for about 2 minutes.
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36" Wedding Sparklers36″ Wedding Sparklers
Our 36” wedding sparklers are also nearly twice as thick as any of our other size sparklers. Each sparkler lasts for about 3-4 minutes.
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Heart Shaped SparklersHeart Shaped Sparklers
These beautiful sparklers are an excellent choice for centerpieces on your reception tables. Each one burns for about 1 1/2 minutes each.
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Bottle SparklersBottle Sparklers
Bottle sparklers are a great way to enhance your champagne ceremony and make a fantastic entrance. Each bottle sparkler burns for 40-45 seconds.
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Sparkler Safety ClipsSparkler Safety Clips
Available in 3 sizes: single clips, double clips, and triple sparkler safety clips. These are the right way to attach your bottle sparklers both safely and securely.
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Wedding Cake SparklersWedding Cake Sparklers
Wedding cake sparklers are a great way to make a statement at your cake-cutting ceremony! Each wedding cake sparkler burns for 40-45 seconds.
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Chinese Sky LanternsChinese Sky Lanterns
Sky lanterns are an excellent way to get your guests involved in the celebration, and are flame retardant and 100% biodegradable.
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Wooden RosesWooden Roses
Wooden roses essentially last forever, making them a great alternative to real roses without sacrificing beauty. They make a great item for your guests to take home.
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The Best Wedding Sparklers and Service

At The Wedding Sparklers Store, our ultimate goal is to make sure that your wedding is everything that you want it to be. We know that when a bride wants to use wedding sparklers as part of her special day, she wants everything to be perfect from the moment the first sparkler has been lit. Our specially designed sparklers for weddings are smokeless and feature a steel wire core so they stay cool and won’t smolder like the sparklers made from bamboo. On top of that, our exclusive packaging design blends into any type of wedding theme or decorations so your sparklers for weddings are an enhancement; not aesthetic drawback.

We also feature the largest selection of sparkler sizes possible so that you can buy the best quality of cheap wedding sparklers for your intended use. Our largest version is our 36 inch wedding sparklers which will burn for well over 3 ½ minutes and create some very large and beautiful effects. They are the perfect type of sparklers for “sparkling” arches or pathways.

Our most popular size is our 20 inch wedding sparklers which are widely used for send-off lines and general photo shoots. Each 20 inch sparkler lasts around 2 minutes, so there’s plenty of time to do whatever you want to do with them and not need to stand around waiting for the sparkler to finish burning after you’re done. We also offer a variety of other types of sparklers such as heart shaped sparklers, color sparklers, and even an economical option with our 10 inch wedding sparklers; which are your best bet if you’re looking for cheap sparklers.

Once we help you find the right choice of wedding sparklers for your event, we will work to package it up and ship it out to your doorstep as quickly as possible. There are plenty of things that you’ll be focused on in regards to wedding planning, so worrying about a shipment of cheap sparklers for weddings is the last thing you need. Most of our orders are shipped and received in only a handful of business days, so turnaround time is quick and painless for brides planning their weddings.

At the end of the day, the best thing we have to offer any bride that is considering buying wedding sparklers for her wedding is the best possible customer service quality in the industry. When you call or email our offices, you will get a real response from a real human that can help you with your sparkler order. Even though we offer our sparklers for weddings at a cheap price compared to industry standards, we take care of you like the premium customer you are. We don’t use auto-reply emails or long telephone trees like many other companies, we offer 100% real customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thank you for choosing The Wedding Sparklers Store and we look forward to helping you make your wedding the sparkling success of your dreams.