10 More Signature Wedding Cocktails

Coco SnowballWhen you’re planning the bar setup at your wedding, it’s tempting to offer a couple of different beers and a few wine selections and call it a day. Even if you want to offer a few cocktails, it’s tempting to grab a few old standbys to make ordering less of a hassle and avoid putting strain on your bartenders. And sure, martinis, gin & tonics, and mojitos are all fine drinks, but shouldn’t your wedding cocktail be as much a part of your theme as the decorations and flowers?  Here are a few ideas for dynamite signature wedding cocktails.

The Purple Rain

Tell your guests that you never meant to cause them any sorrow or any pain, and you only wanted to see them laughing, by serving up this deep violet concoction. The fruit juices mask the alcohol taste, making it a potent but palatable drink.

The Coco Snowball

The name and icy blue color indicate a winter drink, but the orange and coconut flavors are pure summer. The coconut-rimmed glasses add an extra fun element to this groovy tropical drink.

The Ginger Gold Rush

With its spicy ginger liqueur, bite of bourbon, and rich gold color, this drink oozes class. Your guests will have clear sinuses and a spring in their step after a couple of these.

The Lavender Collins

This one requires a bit of work ahead of time to make lavender-infused simple syrup. But if that delicate purple hue is part of your wedding palette, this fun and fruity drink will definitely class up your wedding reception.

Strawberry Moonshine Julep

The juicy goodness of fresh strawberries and the chill of mint take the bite out of this moonshine-based drink. Just make sure to warn your guests to sip, not guzzle–it may taste sweet, but it definitely packs a punch.

Cherry Sake Cocktail

Since it’s base is sake, which is about as alcoholic as wine, this drink is a little less of a heavy hitter. The fresh cherries and cherry juice give it a light, refreshing flavor, perfect for late summer or early fall.

Cucumber Gin Cooler

For a sweltering summer wedding, you can’t go wrong with the cool, refreshing taste of cucumber riding atop the juniper kick of gin. It also has a healthy dose of tonic water, which means it glows under black light–what you do with that information is your own business.

Tinto de Verano

The name of this drink translates roughly to the “red wine of summer.” It’s a fizzy take on sangria, using lemon-lime soda instead of fruit juice to really make it pop. It’s perfect for quenching guests thirst after they’ve been sweating on the dance floor.

Frozen Ginger Lemonade

More ginger, and for good reason: ginger lemonade is delicious. The lemon tames the bite of ginger while the ginger dials back the acidity of the lemon, making a thirst-quenching combo that’s hard to beat. Rent a few margarita machines, stock them up, and your guests will love it.

Maple Vodka and Espresso

Wake up your guests with this coffee-based cocktail. It’s similar to a White Russian, but adds a shot of actual coffee in with the coffee liqueur, and maple vodka for an extra layer of complex sweetness.

No matter the season or time of day, a wedding reception is a good excuse for your guests to get tipsy in style. These signature cocktails will add a touch of class to your bar service, and some of your guests may find a new favorite drink in the process.

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