Bouquet Toss Alternatives

Bouquet TossThe bride’s bouquet toss. That magical moment where you get to throw the most expensive bouquet of flowers you’ve ever carried, only to watch it get torn apart by your single friends. Or, if you’re near the last of the bunch, to have it be picked up off the ground by the flower girl, leading to uncomfortable laughter all around. Sure, it’s a wedding tradition. But if you want to break with tradition, there are plenty of new ideas to take the place of the flower toss. Using bouquet toss alternatives has grown to be very popular recently, and here are a few examples:

Anniversary Dance

Instead of singling out the people who aren’t married yet, on alternative is to have a dance that honors the couple who has been married the longest. Have your DJ or a member of the bridal party call all the married couples to the dance floor. As the song plays, ask people who have been married under a year to leave the floor, then under 5 years, etc. Have a shower of confetti or balloons ready for the couple who has been married the longest. It’s a great way to celebrate love on your big day.


Slake your guests’ lust for destruction on something that won’t be a keepsake to put in your wedding album. Fill a heart-shaped piñata (or something fun and different, if it suits your theme) with candy and treats and let the adults and children whack away. Even better, have one for adults full of PLASTIC bottles of booze or individually-wrapped shots, and one for the kids full of candy or small toys.

Gift Card

Attach a gift card to a bouquet of paper flowers, then invite ALL of the women onto the dance floor, not just the singletons. You can still have a tussle for the prize, but instead of a moment of embarrassment, the winner gets $15 at Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles or what have you.

Flower Fortunes

Take paper flowers with wire stems and tie slips of paper to them. On the papers you can write fortunes, jokes, love advice, song lyrics, whatever seems like the most fun. Then gather all the ladies in attendance on the dance floor and toss the whole bundle. They’ll come apart in the air so everyone can pick one up. Then take turns reading them and let the guests take the flowers home as a keepsake which makes them a great alternative.

Throw Something Else

If you really want to toss something, pick something else that’s more throwable and save your bouquet. We’ve seen brides throw a bouquet of paper flowers, a playground ball, even a stuffed animal. Or you can go for a classic fake-out– instead of the bouquet, throw a paper bag full of confetti or glitter.

The traditional tossing of the bouquet made more sense when people were all getting married earlier, and the most important goal of any woman was to land a man. These days, the pressure to get married isn’t as significant, and many couples would rather not single out the unwed. These alternative ideas will bring fun to your wedding reception without making anyone feel bad or wasting a beautiful bouquet.