Five Amazing Wedding Venues Around the Globe

Disney World WeddingUnless you’re reading this in your second home in the Swiss Alps while your butler irons your underpants, I’m going to ask you to join me in daydreaming for a while. What if your wedding was a globe-trotting affair held at one of the planet’s most recognizable and renowned locations? Where would you love to be when you say those vows? We took a look at some of the most famous wedding venues around the world and are presenting them here, along with the cost for holding your wedding there.

The Great Pyramids

They’ve stood in the Egyptian desert for thousands of years, and now they can be the backdrop for your nuptials. How many people can say they got married next to one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Osiris knows you’d end up with some great photos.

The Cost: $4,200 for a gourmet wedding buffet, cake, photographer and DJ. Up to 100 people can join in the festivities.


Sure, you could go for a small destination wedding-style ceremony on Main Street. But we’re going to go ahead and say you go big or go home. Have an evening ceremony after the park closes in Sleeping Beauty’s castle. You’ll start with a drive up Main Street in Disney’s parade vehicles, then party with Mickey and Minnie at your reception, which will be held in the staging area of It’s a Small World.

The Cost: While Disney weddings start at $8500, the ceremony we just described will run you a cool $120,000, plus accommodations for your guests and food for the reception. But hey, we’re dreaming here, right? And a dream is a wish your heart makes.

Burj Al Arab

You know that sail-shaped building you see in every shot of Dubai? Yup, that one. You can get married on the helipad at the very top of the building with up to ten guests (the maximum capacity of the helipad). For a paltry additional fee, you can even arrive at the wedding by helicopter (or by road in a Rolls Royce Phantom).

The Cost: Compared to Disney, it’s a song: $55,000 for your 55 minutes atop the most luxurious hotel in the world. But hey, what else could you spend $1,000 a minute on?

Auchen Castle

Sure, getting married in Sleeping Beauty’s castle is great and all, but what about tying the knot in an actual centuries-old Scottish castle? Auchen castle’s packages include accommodations at the castle itself, Scottish pipers, cake, et cetera. Oh, and one particular thing you won’t get anywhere else: live, trained owls will deliver your rings to the ceremony.

The Cost: A mere 3,580 pounds, or under $6,000 American. And did we mention, because we really want to drive this home, that LIVE TRAINED OWLS deliver the rings?

The Great Wall of China

If the pyramids of Egypt aren’t quite enough of a wonder of the world for you, you can have your wedding ceremony on top of one of the largest structures ever made by man. The ceremony accommodates up to 40 people and can be seen from space (no, not really).

The Cost: At $5,000, this is cheaper than a lot of wedding venues that aren’t global architectural treasures.

Now, odds are you’re not going to drop $120,000 to get married in Sleeping Beauty’s castle. But if your budget allows for it, any of these destinations would certainly make for a ceremony you’ll never forget–or top, for that matter.