5 Creative Wedding Invites

Message in a BottleYour wedding invitation is more than just a document telling your guests when and where your nuptials will take place. They’re an opportunity to set the tone for your wedding, hint at your theme, and generally show off what creative, hip and groovy people you and your spouse are. If you’re having trouble finding just the right angle for your awesome wedding invitation, check out these possibilities:

Wood-Burned Rustic Invites

For a rustic or western-themed wedding, throw out the paper invitations and go for something with a little more staying power: a thin slab of wood, with your wedding details burned in. It’s possible to do the wood-burning yourself if you have the right materials and a steady hand, but there are also a few places online that will do them for you with laser-guided precision.

Subway Map

If you and your partner are city mice at heart, give your wedding invites a metropolitan feel by printing them on a subway map. You can make the map an abstracted guide to the locations of your venues, or make each stop on the imaginary subway line a memorable moment in your relationship. It’s a broad theme, but one you can get creative with–and if your ceremony is in New York, Chicago, or London, you can use the actual subway map of the city and make it useful, too.

Message in a Bottle

For a beach-themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with a classic message in a bottle. Give your guests a taste of the sand and sea they’ll get at the ceremony itself–roll your printed invite into a mini-scroll and stick it in a bottle with a few small shells and a sprinkle of sand to really sell the theme. Bonus points for putting “S.O.S.” instead of “R.S.V.P.”


A flowchart-themed invitation is great for a couple who started as an office romance. But even if you didn’t fall in love over the TPS reports, you can still take design cues from the corporate world and turn them into something cute. Start with a simple, “Have you heard X and Y are getting married?” and let your imagination guide you from there. Just make sure not to get too complicated with it–only include enough choices and paths to get the idea across.

Mad Libs

One of the bigger headaches of planning a wedding is trying to figure out how many people are actually going to show up. Sure, every couple sends out RSVP cards, but there are always plenty of guests who ignore the request for a response until far after you’ve paid the caterer. Step up the likelihood you’ll get a response with an RSVP-card Mad Lib for your guests to fill out. Give them an opportunity to exercise their wit, and watch the responses flood in.

Your wedding invitations can be as unique as your wedding itself, with a bit of good design and a dash of inspiration. With any of the above options, you’ll create a wedding invitation that guests will want to keep around until the day.