Charging Station as a Groomsmen Gift

5 Cool Groomsmen Gifts

When it comes to groomsmen gifts, there are generally two schools of thought: the cigar option and the liquor option. Sure, there’s always the monogrammed money clip, but generally when we think of manly gifts, we tend toward cigars and booze. We’re here to encourage you to go above and beyond the usual with your groomsmen gifts, though. After all, these are the bros who have been there for you throughout your relationship–you want to show them how much you care. Here are a few ideas for genuinely cool groomsmen gifts.

Indoor Skydiving

We can’t in good conscience recommend actual skydiving for a male bonding experience. Not right before the wedding. Your bride shouldn’t have to wonder if you’re going to survive long enough to put a ring on it. But indoor skydiving gives you all– well, most–of the thrill of skydiving without the pesky “possibility of messy death” bit. Basically, you put on a floppy flying-squirrel suit and hover over a humongous fan in a vertical wind tunnel. Its big fun and you’ll get some fun pictures of your bros with their cheeks flapping in the wind.

Champagne Saber

If you’re going to get alcohol-themed gifts for your groomsmen, at least go for something really cool by making it an alcohol-themed weapon. A champagne saber is a sword designed especially for opening champagne bottles by striking them right at the lip and knocking the entire top of the bottle off. It takes a little practice to get it right, but who wouldn’t want to cultivate the skill of opening a bottle with a sword?

Needlepoint Cufflinks

Okay, on paper this really shouldn’t work. Needlepoint isn’t exactly the manliest of arts, and definitely doesn’t seem like it would be associated with that most fancy of manly accoutrements, the cufflink. But when needlepoint and cufflinks combine, something magic happens. Crafters can make custom cufflinks to appeal to each of your groomsmen, so they can proudly wear their groomsmen gift on their sleeves throughout the wedding ceremony.

Aviator Cocktail Shaker

Normally we’d recommend a type of gift more than a specific gift, but this one was too cool to pass up. It’s got the classic cool of an old-fashioned cocktail shaker, but with the added moxie of some really beautiful art deco design. Even if your groomsmen never use it to mix a drink, it’ll be an objet d’art that classes up even the grungiest bachelor pad.

Charging Station

Unless your groomsmen are from an Amish community, odds are they currently have a phone perched precariously on top of a nightstand connected to a charging cable. Maybe it’s on top of a pile formed by a key ring, wallet, and pocket change, but the phone’s going to be there. Help them up their organization game with a charging station that has a drawer for the rest of the pocket detritus. You can go for wood, leather, or even build your own if you’re a craftsman. It’s the kind of thing that everyone needs but no one thinks to buy for themselves.

Your groomsmen have been with you through thick and thin. Now it’s time to let them know how much you care. A cool groomsmen gift is a great start.

French Polynesia

Strange Wedding Traditions Across the World

Nothing livens up a wedding like incorporating traditional elements from another culture. Whether it’s Germany’s dish-smashing Polterabend or France’s raucous Charivaree, you can enjoy these traditions even if they’re not part of your particular heritage. There are a few traditions, though, that may not be so easily integrated into a modern wedding ceremony. If you think the bouquet toss is a little too weird, we definitely don’t recommend trying any of the following wedding traditions from around the world:

Chinese Inner Mongolia: The Daur

The Daur people, an indigenous group in China, have a strange way of finalizing a wedding date. There are no save-the-date cards when the bride and groom pick a day. Instead, they do something similar to the cake-cutting ceremony at a wedding, only instead of a cake, it’s a baby chick. The wedding couple must kill the chick together and examine its liver. We’re not sure what criteria they’re working from, but the liver must be “favorable.” If it doesn’t meet whatever standards make a liver favorable, they have to pick another chick and start over until they find a good liver.


There’s one tradition in Fiji that’s pretty common in the Western world as well: the groom can’t propose until he gets permission from his father-in-law. For us, it’s a custom that may be a little quaint, but is mostly harmless. In Fiji they take it to the next level, though: when the groom asks for permission to marry, he’s expected to bring a rather difficult-to-procure present: a whale tooth. We can only assume there’s a big underground market for whale teeth on the island.

Southern Sudan

In the Western world, the marriage is not considered complete until the marriage certificate is signed in the presence of witnesses and filed with the proper authorities. We have it easy. There’s a tribe in Southern Sudan with a considerably higher criteria for judging a marriage complete: it’s not considered a valid marriage until the couple have at least two children. If the bride “fails to provide” a couple of offspring, the groom is free to seek a divorce.

French Polynesia

You may be planning on walking out of your wedding venue on a carpet of rose petals or just a traditional paper or cloth aisle runner. If you were in French Polynesia, on the Maruesas Islands, you’d be walking across a slightly different (and rather more uneven) surface. It’s customary in that culture for all of the bride’s family in attendance to lie on the ground face down, creating a human aisle runner. The bride and groom are expected to walk across them and on to their new life.

There are plenty of global wedding traditions and customs that wouldn’t seem out of place on your wedding day. Feel free to draw inspiration from other cultures if these wedding traditions appeal to you. Then again, there are a few that might seem a little odd to your wedding guests. We recommend leaving the chicken livers and whale teeth to their respective cultures and choosing wedding traditions that are more widely accepted for your big day.