Properly Storing Sparklers

Properly Storing Your Sparklers

Though we are primarily a company that sells sparklers for weddings, we are also aware that many people use sparklers for other holidays and occasions. Since the most popular one that comes to mind has just passed (Independence Day), we thought that now would be a great time to cover some of the basic procedures regarding the proper storage of sparklers.

Contrary to popular belief, sparklers will remain good almost indefinitely as long as you store them properly. Many people are under the impression that sparklers and other types of fireworks will only stay good for a short amount of time, but the very nature of sparklers allows them to remain useable for many years as long as they don’t get ruined on your shelf. Whether you are buying sparklers ahead of time for an upcoming wedding or you just want to keep some in good condition until next year after your latest Independence Day party, here are some tips to help you properly store your sparklers.

Safety First

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re storing your sparklers in a safe location. That means you want to keep them out of reach of any young children who may stumble upon the box, and you also don’t want them near any source of extreme heat or open flames. This means that storing them above your stove or next to your furnace should obviously be off limits. Nearly everyone who has an incident while storing their sparklers caused it themselves by storing them somewhere inappropriate, so make sure you use good common sense when deciding on a location.

Garage is Preferable

Though you can certainly store sparklers inside your home safely, in my personal experience the best location to keep them is in your garage. Your garage likely sees less activity than other storage areas in your home, and usually there is ample room for them to remain undisturbed until you actually need them. The caveat here is if you live in a very humid climate because you don’t want to have your sparklers exposed to too much humidity. There are ways to work around that issue as well, as we’ll discuss below, but sometimes your climate will require that you move them indoors.

Water is the Enemy

To keep your sparklers in good condition for long periods of time, the key is to keep them away from water. As soon as you get your sparklers wet, you might as well throw them in the trash (not literally). The best way to avoid this from happening is to store them in a plastic container or tote that has a lid that seals properly. This will keep out any excess water and allow your sparklers to remain dry in even the most humid conditions. Also, try not to store your sparklers underneath things like piping or water storage containers. Even if they aren’t leaking now, you’ll have big problems if you spring a leak or sometimes even from the condensation alone during the summer months.

As long as you keep your sparklers dry and away from ignition sources, you can safely store them for many years without them degrading in quality. By properly storing your sparklers, you can ensure they will be good to use for as long as they’re in your possession.