Artisan Tea

Frugal Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors can be intimidating for couples because of their cost, but a small token of appreciation for your guest’s attendance does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Many couples choose to make their own favors but this can actually cost more if one is not careful. Here are some great frugal wedding favor ideas to suit all kinds of different wedding themes and locations.

Recipes and Ingredients

If you have a rustic theme to your wedding, recipes and ingredients is a thoughtful gift that your guests will appreciate. If you have a dish you consider your ‘specialty’ and aren’t afraid to tell everyone your secret, print up recipe cards and add an ingredient or two and package it up nicely.

Beach Items

For a beach wedding, consider filling small plastic pails with ‘beach-ish’ items, such as a small bottle of sunscreen, lip balm, themed soaps or bath fizzies and more. Your guests will certainly get some use out of them while they soak up the sun.

Artisan Teas

You can find many sellers online that craft their own tea, and many of them can print the bags of loose leaf tea with your wedding information. Choose different kinds to suit everyone’s different tastes, or go with a classic.

Coffee/Tea Cozy Sleeves

We live in a coffee nation and your guests likely enjoy having a beverage every so often from a take out place. Let them keep the wasteful cardboard sleeve because your guests will have a beautiful hand knit cozy sleeve that will not only beautifully decorate that boring take out cup, but will be something that they will use for a very long time. Even if you don’t knit, you can buy these online from a crafter and support and independent company.

As you can see, giving your guests an awesome wedding favor doesn’t need to be expensive. Just think about the things you’d enjoy in your own life and finding a frugal wedding favor for each guest can be a painless quest.

Fall Wedding Games

Fun Games for a Fall Wedding

When the sultry, sweltering days of summer give way to the cooler days of fall, the themes of weddings transform in exciting ways. In many places, the weather is still optimal for outdoor weddings, and even when the days become a little cloudier, the same fun celebrations can take place indoors. Keeping guests at your wedding entertained is top priority, and there are so many fun ideas for games at fall weddings!

A carnival-themed wedding is always a big hit, and can be dressed up in an elegant fashion or kept casual for a low-key reception. All the carnival games you remember can be set up for wedding reception entertainment either indoors or out.

Ring Toss is one game that everyone loves and is easy to play – and to DIY! Directions for how to make your own ring toss game can be found online, and it’s really easy to incorporate your wedding colors.

Another great game that tends to be a crowd favorite is Corn Hole. You can order customized boards on Etsy, but you can also build your own with fairly easy instructions and then paint them any design you like. Wedding colors or even perhaps the colors of the bride and grooms college teams would be perfect. Cornhole can be played indoors and outdoors, and the rules can be found at the official website (there is, in fact, an American Cornhole Association).

An outside-only throwing game that has been around for ages is Horseshoes, and a regulation set of them can be found on Amazon. Horseshoes may not be a game for a wedding with a lot of kids, but still really fun to play for a group of adults.

Balloon darts are always a fun and (mostly) safe choice for kids of all ages! Find darts that are not for an actual dart board – an inexpensive set is fine to use and won’t come with the puncture power that a real darts can have. Set them up with a curtain behind the board to prevent stray throws from losing the darts!

If you’re feeling up for a real challenge, you can rent inflatable obstacle courses to challenge guests young and old! It’s only been a feature at one wedding so far, but it was really exciting!

There’s no need to include prizes, since the joy of your wedding is what guests are there to celebrate. But if you were so inclined, there are a lot of choices for funny and wedding-themed trophies and ribbons that you can have customized to give your guests. Whatever games you choose to include in your fall wedding reception, they’re sure to be a hit!

Guest Book

Guest Book Table Decoration Ideas

There is one thing that can be found at nearly every wedding and that is a guest book. It is here that guests to the wedding can write their names and well wishes to the newlyweds, but many couples struggle with designing a guest book table that draws guests attention to the book so that they can sign it. We’ve compiled some helpful decorating tips to make sure that your table stands out for your guests.

Customize It

Whether you customize the table to match the overall theme of your wedding or just to make sure it stands out, your guests will love customized touches. For a rustic wedding, find some old picture frames and weather them, then fill the frames with a collage of photos of you and your partner. Many couples choose to show off photos of them as children as well and parents will always be more than happy to supply those.

Consider Lighting

Buy a set of string lights to brighten up the table for your guests. If you have the book in the reception hall, sometimes the lighting is too low for everyone to see. You can wrap the lights in tulle and the light fabric comes in a variety of colors to match the ones you’ve chosen for your wedding.

Save a Spot for the Favors

If you have a large table acting as the guest book table, there will be room to leave a basket full of favors. This would be instead of putting them out at every place setting and would encourage people to sign the book while they are picking up their favor, or vice versa. The basket of favors can also make the table look much more full and will attract guests to it.

Keep It Clutter-Free

While lots of decorations on the table are nice, some couples prefer to leave more room for people to sign the book. Keep it simple by adding a vase of flowers that match the ones the bridesmaids are carrying and perhaps a small picture frame. Consider that things like confetti or glitter may get all over the floor and are a pain to clean up afterwards.

Wedding Budget

The Basics of Creating a Wedding Budget

The moment you announce that you’re engaged, everyone you know (and their uncle, and their mother) will have opinions for you on what you should do. Before getting inundated with those, take some time alone; sit down with your future spouse and talk about what you envision your wedding being. Set clear expectations about who will be involved with making decisions and who will handle which tasks in the planning process. Here is a brief checklist you should be able to fill out before looking at dollar amounts:

What kind of event do you imagine your wedding to be?

  • Formal
  • Relaxed
  • Intimate
  • Large
  • Festive
  • Casual
  • Traditional
  • Elegant
  • Non-traditional
  • Themed
  • Ethnic
  • Religious

How many people would you like to invite?

  • Less than 50
  • 51 to 100
  • 101 to 200
  • More than 200

What time of year or season would you like to have your wedding in?

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Specific Month _________________________________

Don’t even worry about things like what colors you imagine the backdrop being and what the centerpieces should look like until you’ve got some parameters set. After you’ve filled out this checklist, the next thing you need to do is find out who is contributing.

  • What are the two of you able to contribute toward the wedding?
  • Are either of your parents (as a set or individually, depending on their marital status) able to contribute toward the overall budget? If yes, in what way: as a specific amount or by paying for a particular element of the wedding?
  • Is there anyone else who is planning to contribute or is able to contribute?

You should, at this time, have a solid idea of what your wedding budget amount is, and what you’re looking at spending it on. These are the absolute foundations for a wedding budget!