Fall Wedding Venue

Choosing a Fall Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue for your fall wedding allows you the chance to be creative in your planning. Depending on where you live, scheduling a fall wedding in a venue such as an apple orchard or even a winery can help bring the feel of the season into your wedding day. In an apple orchard or winery you will likely have a beautiful backdrop of fall foliage to accompany you on your ceremony.

You can even have a fall wedding at an indoor venue and still bring some aspects of the season the wedding. A small, cozy venue with rich dark wood and a fireplace can help it feel like a crisp fall day without the need to be outside. The décor will make your indoor wedding perfect for the fall months.

If you live in Vermont or are willing to get married there, several venues lend themselves well to a fall wedding. An outdoor wedding in Vermont can include a breathtaking backdrop such as waterfalls, mountains and even covered bridges. The landscape and the foliage make any venue in Vermont a beautiful one.

A fall wedding in California calls for a ceremony in Yosemite National Park. Though you’ll need to schedule your wedding for September, and couples are encouraged to hold their wedding in the morning, the park offers several choices in venues for your wedding. These include the Lower Yosemite Fall Paved Trail, the Bridalveil Fall and Swinging Bridge, Cathedral and Sentinel Beach Picnic Areas. You’ll need to have your wedding in early fall to have it at one of these venues. You’ll also have to ensure your ceremony is no more than two hours long.

For an Atlanta wedding during the fall months you have several great choices of venues at your disposal. One of those venues is the Vecoma At The Yellow River, where you can have an indoor or outdoor wedding in September or the beginning of October. Located right off the water, it provides a beautiful backdrop for a fall wedding. You are limited to 250 guests at this venue.

Another great Atlanta venue for a fall wedding is The Piedmont Room & Garden When you hold your wedding here you will have a view of Piedmont Park during the day with the added bonus of the Midtown skyline after dark. Its Garden Tent allows you to have an outdoor wedding in the fall while keeping your guests out of the cool air.

The Peachtree Club is another Atlanta wedding venue that accommodates indoor and outdoor weddings in the fall. It is elevated 28 stories from the ground, providing spectacular views for your wedding ceremony and reception. Its terrace can accommodate a sit down dinner reception of 100 or a cocktail reception for 200. The outdoor areas can hold as many as 160 wedding guests.

These fall wedding venues will all help you make your big day even more memorable. The wedding venue you choose is always an important decision, so make sure you take your time to weigh out all of your options before you choose one for your fall wedding.