“A Nightmare Before Christmas” Wedding Cakes

For those of us who feel in love with the cult classic film “A Nightmare Before Christmas”, it can be very tempting to model your wedding cake after such a timeless story. Though it is a little unorthodox in its delivery, the story tells the tale of true love hiding in the most obvious of places. However, since the way the movie was filmed was so dark, twisted, and gothic, reconciling that love story into something that works as a wedding cake can seem like a bit of a challenge. So, without further ado, I give you my favorite “A Nightmare Before Christmas” wedding cakes that will hopefully serve as inspiration for the creation that will be at your wedding.

1 – A Simple Design

“A Nightmare Before Christmas” Wedding Cake 1

I really like this wedding cake because the design is very traditional and simple. Aside from the dark color scheme and the cake topper featuring Jack Skellington and Sally, the layout of the cake is pretty much exactly what you’d expect at a wedding. I especially like the gnarly looking hill from the movie being included because it happens to be my favorite part.

2 – All the Favorite Characters

“A Nightmare Before Christmas” Wedding Cake 2

This wedding cake design is also fairly simple, but I really like how it takes things a step further and includes most of the characters from “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. It is a tad bit morbid for some people, I’m sure, with all the dead bodies hanging from the tree on the cake topper; but after all is “Halloween town”. I also like how Oogie Boogie was invited on the cake, and the 2 faced mayor is represented on the bottom rung.

3 – Abstract Construction

“A Nightmare Before Christmas” Wedding Cake 3

Last, but definitely not least, is my personal favorite “A Nightmare Before Christmas” wedding cake. I particularly like the way that this cake designer stacked different sized and shaped layers up to the top just as you would expect to see in “Halloween Town”. Also, I like how Jack and Sally’s faces are done in silhouettes on the side of the cake rather than as plastic wedding cake toppers, the Gnarly looking hill is represented on the bottom layer with Zero coming towards Jack. All and all, this “A Nightmare Before Christmas” wedding cake by far hits on all eight cylinders in my book.

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