Gold Bottle Sparklers

Gold Bottle Sparklers

1 Sleeve

(4 Sparklers)


Full Box

(40 Sparklers)


1/2 Case

(120 Sparklers)


Full Case

(240 Sparklers)


About Our Gold Bottle Sparklers

Gold bottle sparklers are a great way to enhance your champagne ceremony and make a fantastic entrance at your reception. These exciting gold bottle sparklers transform any ordinary bottle into a sparkling masterpiece that your guests will be talking about long after the last glass of champagne is empty. Simply attach one of these gold bottle sparklers to the neck of a bottle, light it, and fountain-style sparks come spraying out.

Our gold bottle sparklers are completely food-safe, so your expensive bottles of champagne won't be ruined by the fun. Gold bottle sparklers are particularly popular with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that offer VIP bottle service or just want to increase sales. People love the attention that bottle sparklers bring to their party, and some nightclubs have seen their sales triple because of our gold bottle sparklers. Gold bottle sparklers are specifically designed to be used with bottles.

How Many Should I Get?

Each bottle sparkler burns for 40-45 seconds, so you only need 1 sparkler for each bottle you want to enhance. For a really dramatic effect, you can attach multiple bottle sparklers to a bottle to give it more of an awe-inspiring effect. This is a popular choice among brides who want the master table's champagne bottles to stick out more than everyone else's.

*Please Note: In most situations bottle sparklers are safe to use indoors, but be advised that you do this AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is a warning label on the packaging, which is required by law, that states "Warning: Not intended for indoor use. Caution emits showers of sparks. Use only under close adult supervision. For outdoor use only, stick firmly in ground in an upright position. Do not hold in hand. Light tip and get away".