Brides: 5 Dont’s for the Wedding Day

Bride Fighting with GroomOkay, ladies, it’s go-time. You’ve spent months planning, and it’s finally time to go say those vows and party the night away. Before you put on the dress and say the “I do,” though, we’ve got a few more words of advice for you to help your wedding be the best that it can be. Specifically, we want you to avoid some common pitfalls that can really bring down the mood. Here are five things you shouldn’t do on your wedding day.

Don’t Obsess about Details

You made the plans. You hired the wedding planner or you chose a solid maid of honor. Now it’s time to let go and let your delegates take care of all the last little issues. Not only should you not have to call a late photographer or arrange for a new wedding cake, you shouldn’t even know that those problems happened until they’re solved. It may be hard to relinquish control after you’ve done all the planning, but you’ve got to try if you’re going to be in the proper headspace to enjoy the day.

Don’t Fight with Your New Groom

Yikes. We wish we didn’t have to say it, but we’ve seen it happen too many times. Somehow, all the stress of the planning finally finds a way out and leads to an argument, right there at the ceremony. Of course, your groom can avoid a fight by not checking out the bridesmaids or being late to the ceremony. But you can keep things on the level by not neglecting him during the reception. Make sure you check in and have some one-on-one time just to enjoy each other’s company, even if you have to sneak off to a broom closet.

Don’t Get Hammered at the Reception

Look, we know your reception is a party. And you’ve definitely earned it. And with an open bar, you’re definitely capable of getting as many drinks in you as you can hold. But it’s worth it to practice moderation; you don’t want one of the few memories of the night to be throwing up in the ladies’ bathroom. Nurse your drinks and keep a good buzz going, but alternate with cups of water so you don’t get several cocktails circling waiting to land.

Don’t Get Dirty on the Dance Floor

A wedding reception is that weird party where all your best club-hopping friends and your parents, in-laws, and long-lost relatives are in attendance. Keep that in mind when it’s time to drop it like it’s hot. Definitely get the dance floor moving and rock the party, but try not to do anything that will make Aunt Ethel have to dig into her purse for her heart pills. Even if it’s your new hubby you’re twerking on, save it for the hotel room later.

Don’t Forget to Hug Your Parents

As big as this day is for you, we promise it’s bigger for your parents. You’re their little girl; in some ways, when they look at you, they still see that five-year-old who skinned her knee riding her bike. As you’re sitting at the wedding party’s table in your awesome dress, they’re realizing that you’re going to go start a family of your own. So take some time to show them love and respect, and let them know you’ll always need them around.

And above all else, don’t think of the wedding as the end. The credits aren’t going to roll; now you get to have a marriage, and that’s both the challenging and the really awesome part. Here’s hoping your marriage lasts a lifetime.

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