Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Wedding ShoesOne of the most important parts of your wedding day wardrobe, though often overlooked, is your wedding shoes. Though many styles of wedding dresses will cover up the appearance of your wedding shoes, they will still be seen from time to time so they must look great with your wedding dress. On top of that, there are other things to take into consideration such as the comfort of the shoes as well as your height in comparison to the groom. Since it can take a really long time to try on every pair of shoes that you are interested in, knowing ahead of time the criteria you want can really make the job a lot easier. Here are a few of the most popular styles available, and weighing out the pros and cons ahead of time can make choosing your wedding shoes a lot less stressful.

High Heels

High heels are an obvious choice because they are classy, add height, and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you’re headed out for a night on the town, high heels are by and large the go to shoe for most women. If you are much shorter than the groom, a pair of high heels can really help you close that gap and make you look taller than you really are. However, since you’ll be on your feet a lot throughout the day and night of your wedding, high heels can get quite uncomfortable and make your splendid day a real nightmare. If you plan to walk down the aisle wearing high heels, you probably want to bring along another pair of shoes for dancing later on at the reception to avoid discomfort.


Flats are a very popular choice among brides because they come in a variety of styles and are incredibly comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The best part about choosing to wear flats for your wedding shoes is that you can use them during your ceremony and not need to bring along another pair for when it comes time to dance at your reception. However, if you are much shorter than the groom, flats do absolutely nothing to create the illusion that you are taller. While this doesn’t bother too many brides, it is definitely something to consider when choosing your wedding shoes.


Wedges are the perfect compromise for any bride that wants the height advantage that you get while wearing high heels but most of the comfort your get when wearing flats. Wedges will certainly add a few inches of height to close that gap between you and your groom, but since the heel runs the entire length of the shoes you will get more balance and support for more vigorous activities such as dancing. Though wedges are more comfortable than high heels, they are not quite as comfortable as flats and you should still consider bringing another pair of comfortable shoes for the reception. That said, wedges can be the perfect compromise for any bride looking to only bring along one pair of shoes to their wedding ceremony and reception.

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