Fall Wedding Games

Fun Games for a Fall Wedding

When the sultry, sweltering days of summer give way to the cooler days of fall, the themes of weddings transform in exciting ways. In many places, the weather is still optimal for outdoor weddings, and even when the days become a little cloudier, the same fun celebrations can take place indoors. Keeping guests at your wedding entertained is top priority, and there are so many fun ideas for games at fall weddings!

A carnival-themed wedding is always a big hit, and can be dressed up in an elegant fashion or kept casual for a low-key reception. All the carnival games you remember can be set up for wedding reception entertainment either indoors or out.

Ring Toss is one game that everyone loves and is easy to play – and to DIY! Directions for how to make your own ring toss game can be found online, and it’s really easy to incorporate your wedding colors.

Another great game that tends to be a crowd favorite is Corn Hole. You can order customized boards on Etsy, but you can also build your own with fairly easy instructions and then paint them any design you like. Wedding colors or even perhaps the colors of the bride and grooms college teams would be perfect. Cornhole can be played indoors and outdoors, and the rules can be found at the official website (there is, in fact, an American Cornhole Association).

An outside-only throwing game that has been around for ages is Horseshoes, and a regulation set of them can be found on Amazon. Horseshoes may not be a game for a wedding with a lot of kids, but still really fun to play for a group of adults.

Balloon darts are always a fun and (mostly) safe choice for kids of all ages! Find darts that are not for an actual dart board – an inexpensive set is fine to use and won’t come with the puncture power that a real darts can have. Set them up with a curtain behind the board to prevent stray throws from losing the darts!

If you’re feeling up for a real challenge, you can rent inflatable obstacle courses to challenge guests young and old! It’s only been a feature at one wedding so far, but it was really exciting!

There’s no need to include prizes, since the joy of your wedding is what guests are there to celebrate. But if you were so inclined, there are a lot of choices for funny and wedding-themed trophies and ribbons that you can have customized to give your guests. Whatever games you choose to include in your fall wedding reception, they’re sure to be a hit!

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