Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Party Advice

Throwing a bridal shower can leave you wondering exactly what should go into your planning. You might have questions about the specifics of throwing a bridal shower. Here is some advice for having a successful bridal shower party.

Any party is more enjoyable when it is held in a place where guests can relax and enjoy the privacy of the party. For this reason it is usually best to hold a bridal shower party in someone’s home. If there are too many invited guests for that to be a comfortable option you can always book a party room at a local restaurant.

When it comes to whom to invite to a bridal shower party the full guest list depends on how big the wedding is expected to be. A small wedding calls for a short list of guests but a larger more elaborate wedding calls for a longer guest list. The general rule of thumb is that only people that will be invited to the wedding itself should be invited to the bridal shower. There are must-haves on any bridal shower guest list, and they include the bride’s female relatives, but the groom’s female relatives as well.

To add a unique aspect to a bridal shower one alternative to having everyone sign a guest book is to instead have a memory jar set up. This can be a clear plastic or glass jar. Set out enough card stock and pens so that each guest can write down one memory they have with the bride and put it in the jar. This makes for a great activity for the guests and a great keepsake for the bride to be.

For a colorful food table, guests can be served bowls of chilled soups in flavors like cantaloupe, strawberry, cucumbers and more. This is one option for serving healthy food at any bridal shower. Dessert can include anything heart shaped, such as brownies, cookies or a cake.

To accompany the food table, a beverage bar is the perfect choice. Carafes of any size can be filled with drinks such as lemonade, orange juice, sangria or mimosas. The best way to display the carafes is in a large bowl filled with ice.

If you want to throw a more out of the box bridal shower it doesn’t have to follow the traditional rules. To get creative consider booking a cooking class to serve as the bridal shower. Provided you have the budget for it, you may be able to get a professional chef to come to you. If not, grab the guests and head to the nearest public cooking class. Worried the bride will find this offensive? You can still plan a non- traditional bridal shower by booking a wine tasting for the party.

This advice is valuable in helping you to plan a bridal shower whether you want to throw one with a traditional style or a more unconventional one. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that the bride enjoys the party.

How Big Should Your Bridal Party Be?

Big Bridal PartyThe size of your bridal party is something that can’t be left until the last minute. The choice of how big your bridal party is can affect what venue you choose, your budget plans, even the size of the reception. It’s worth thinking about as soon as you start your wedding planning.  What size wedding party works best with the ceremony you want to have? Here are some considerations when you’re thinking about the size of your wedding party.

Small weddings: Just the maid of honor and best man.

If your wedding has under 50 guests, you’d be best off with just the maid of honor and best man, possibly one more attendant on either side. Any more and it will start to feel like there are more people in your bridal party than are watching the wedding!

Medium weddings: 1-6 bridesmaids and groomsmen

If your wedding has a hundred guests or so, anywhere from one to six attendants on either side is traditional for a normal bridal party size. If you have a venue in mind already, imagine the logistics of your attendants: is there enough room for them all to stand? Are there facilities for them to get dressed? You’ll have to fit the wedding party to the space or vice versa.

Large weddings: 6-10

For an extremely formal ceremony like a large Catholic wedding, with 200 guests or more, you can go all the way up to ten or even twelve attendants on each side. If you’re considering twelve, though, keep in mind that means there will be 26 people standing in front of the congregation on the day, and only two of them will be getting married. That also means 24 significant others of your wedding attendants will also be attending, which makes the final guest count even bigger.

Not everyone has to be in the party

Sure, you only want three bridesmaids, but you have two best friends and two sisters and your maiden aunt who’s like a third sister and… and before you know it, you have five bridesmaids. Don’t be afraid to limit the size of your wedding party and give those who didn’t make the cut other positions of honor. They can be ushers, man the guest book, deliver a reading, or sing a song. It’s possible to keep people from feeling left out without having a huge bridal party.

Gender swaps are okay

If your best and oldest friend, the one you would choose for your maid of honor, happens to be a man, that’s okay. And if the groom’s eldest sister is his choice for best man, that’s lovely as well. There’s nothing wrong with having a Man of Honor (wearing a suit or tie to match the bridesmaids) and a Best Woman (wearing a black dress or even a tux to match the groomsmen).

They’re not rules. They’re more like guidelines

If you have twenty guests at your wedding but you really want five attendants, or you have 300 guests but you only want two attendants, do what makes you happy. These guidelines are intended to help those who really aren’t sure what they want, or those who are concerned about traditional etiquette rules. As long as you and your partner can agree on the number of attendants, there’s no need to bring anyone else into the decision.