Spring Color Schemes

Best Spring Wedding Color Schemes

A spring wedding calls for a color scheme that isn’t too dark or too light. Since many people see spring as the beginning of something new, some color schemes that work well for spring weddings include pink and bright yellow with some pistachio thrown in. Combing soft pink with pastel yellow creates a mood that seems to compliment the spring season. With the more muted pink and pistachio the pastel yellow makes for a great contrast.

For couples who want to include yellow in their spring wedding color scheme but don’t want the yellow to be too bright, bright green, sage and coral as well as a softer shade of yellow (think the shade of a lemon) can be an excellent choice. In this color scheme the most eye- catching is the coral because the soft yellow helps it stand out more.

Whether a couple is having a spring time wedding on the beach or they just want a muted color scheme, a combination of beige, a light shade of pink and a shade of green that resembles sea foam is more than appropriate for the season. Couples can have a wedding with a tropical feel to it, even if their wedding doesn’t take place anywhere near a beach.

Sea foam green can also be incorporated into a wedding color scheme that includes purple, orchid and lilac. This color scheme makes decorating easy as flowers, ribbons, streamers and other festive accessories often come in these shades. It is also easy to choose jewelry for the bride and her attendants when this color scheme is used.

Another option for a spring wedding color scheme for couples looking for something a little bolder is a combination of light and bright shades of pink with some navy blue thrown in. The lighter pink will balance out the navy blue and the bright pink adds a touch of excitement and energy to any wedding day.

Couples that enjoy being outdoors often choose to get married in the spring, as it is generally the season that is most conducive to outdoor weddings. One popular color scheme that compliments the day is light pink, strawberry red, putty and terracotta shades. The combination of these colors strikes a balance that seems to represent the spring season accurately. The earthiness of springtime is represented by the terracotta and putty shades will the lighter pink softens up the color scheme and is perfect for a spring wedding.

Though many couples associate the color orange with the fall season it can also be used in spring wedding color schemes. Rather than choosing a bright orange shade, a perfect choice is tangerine, along with bluish gray and green. The tangerine is still bold enough to balance out the lighter bluish gray shade.

Choosing a color scheme for a spring wedding usually involves striking an appropriate balance between bright colors and more muted ones. There are so many possible color schemes a couple can use in spring.

Fall Wedding Color Schemes

Best Fall Wedding Color Schemes

A fall wedding calls for an appropriate color scheme; especially if you want your wedding to look fab instead of drab! Many fall wedding colors can look dirty or depressing if not used properly, and choosing the best one can be difficult for some couples. When deciding on a color scheme couples need to look at when during the fall season their wedding will take place.

Towards the beginning of the fall season the best wedding color schemes include shades of red ranging from as bright as an apple to as dark as burgundy. Other acceptable color schemes for a fall wedding include a combination of green and cream white or marigold and pumpkin orange.

Any respectable fall wedding color scheme includes apple red because it has always been a symbol of the season. It can be used as the most prominent color in a wedding scheme or used simply to serve as an accent color. Any fall color scheme that includes red often includes various shades, which give a wedding a more textured look.

Green and marigold are often used in fall wedding color schemes because they are bright, warm colors that convey the mood of the season. While this is true, it is also true that marigold and green are colors that aren’t overwhelming to look at in large quantities. This is the simplest and most classic color scheme for a fall wedding.

When planning a wedding for the middle of the fall season the best color scheme is a combination of browns and metallic shades. Red can also be used for mid fall weddings because it pairs well with wisteria and sage green. Peach and burgundy are also popular colors for a fall wedding. One of the reasons why these are the preferred colors is that flowers in these colors can easily be acquired. These color schemes give any wedding a touch of class and a traditional feel.

Orange can be used as a base color for a fall wedding scheme when the event is being held at this time period between the beginning of the fall season and the end of it. For a softer feel, many couples choose peach and a color such as cream or sage green for their decorating scheme. Dusty red and pink colors can also be added in.

Combining gold, bronze and copper can also help create the ideal fall color scheme for any wedding. Any one of these colors also works well as an accent color. For couples on a budget that don’t want to have their wedding look like it was designed on a budget, metallic colors are an excellent choice for décor.

A wedding being held towards the end of the fall season calls for darker colors such as chocolate brown. Using cream and mocha colors in addition to chocolate brown is often the best choice in color schemes. Neutral colors and shades can enhance a late fall wedding. When combined with gold, neutral colors can help create an appropriate fall color scheme that will leave wedding guests dazzled by the sophisticated feel they experience throughout the day.

Unconventional Wedding Color Schemes

Orange and Teal Wedding ColorsFinding the perfect wedding color scheme can be tricky for a couple who aren’t graphic designers or home-décor gurus. With the entire rainbow (and every shade in between) to choose from, getting that perfect palette that sets the mood and doesn’t clash can be a monumental challenge. It’s tempting to play it safe with pinks and purples, but if you’re looking for something a little more striking, give these unconventional color schemes a try.

Teal and Orange

For a summer wedding, especially if it’s a beachfront ceremony, take your color cues from the sea and sunset. These two colors look great together: the contrast between the cool blue and the warm orange is truly striking. Consider tiger lilies or marigolds for the bridal bouquet, and have the bridesmaids’ dresses alternate between the two colors.

Black and White

For a really impactful color scheme, why not try no colors at all? A simple black and white palette can look chic and clean when it’s done properly. Dress the bridesmaids in little black dresses, give the bride a bouquet of calla lilies, and keep the groomsmen looking sharp in tuxedoes with black bowties. It’s an unconventional choice that has a minimalist elegance to it. Bonus: your wedding reception will feel like a glamorous cocktail party.


For a spring wedding reception, ditch the bright colors and go for pastels in all colors of the rainbow. Robin’s egg blue, pink, lavender–just a hint of all of the colors will look fantastic together. As a bonus, you don’t have to dress your bridesmaids in identical dresses; let them each pick a pastel that suits them and they’ll look fantastic. Same goes for the groomsmen’s bowties and/or cummerbunds.

Silver & Gold

Have a luxurious-looking winter wedding with silver and gold highlights throughout the ceremony and reception. There’s a sparkling, effervescent property to silver and gold; definitely don’t skimp on the glitter when you’re decorating. The colors together give a hint at a holiday theme without being kitschy; they have a little New Year’s Eve feel and just a bit of Christmas to them as well. You can even use silver and gold Christmas ornaments to make your table centerpieces.

Red White and Navy

At first blush, it may seem like a red, white, and blue wedding will look a little too 4th of July to be tasteful. But replace that bright blue with navy, and it goes from patriotic to homespun rustic simplicity. For a down-home wedding, this color palette will blend in seamlessly with the mason jars and wildflowers you’re using for decorations.

If you’re still looking for color palette inspiration, there are plenty of tools online for discovering colors that go great together. They’re intended for graphic designers or interior decorators, but they’re great for putting together a wedding palette as well. There are some tools that allow you to experiment from scratch by combining random colors while others come with preset themes to help you coordinate. With a little trial-and-error, your wedding color scheme will look fantastic.