Guest Book

Guest Book Table Decoration Ideas

There is one thing that can be found at nearly every wedding and that is a guest book. It is here that guests to the wedding can write their names and well wishes to the newlyweds, but many couples struggle with designing a guest book table that draws guests attention to the book so that they can sign it. We’ve compiled some helpful decorating tips to make sure that your table stands out for your guests.

Customize It

Whether you customize the table to match the overall theme of your wedding or just to make sure it stands out, your guests will love customized touches. For a rustic wedding, find some old picture frames and weather them, then fill the frames with a collage of photos of you and your partner. Many couples choose to show off photos of them as children as well and parents will always be more than happy to supply those.

Consider Lighting

Buy a set of string lights to brighten up the table for your guests. If you have the book in the reception hall, sometimes the lighting is too low for everyone to see. You can wrap the lights in tulle and the light fabric comes in a variety of colors to match the ones you’ve chosen for your wedding.

Save a Spot for the Favors

If you have a large table acting as the guest book table, there will be room to leave a basket full of favors. This would be instead of putting them out at every place setting and would encourage people to sign the book while they are picking up their favor, or vice versa. The basket of favors can also make the table look much more full and will attract guests to it.

Keep It Clutter-Free

While lots of decorations on the table are nice, some couples prefer to leave more room for people to sign the book. Keep it simple by adding a vase of flowers that match the ones the bridesmaids are carrying and perhaps a small picture frame. Consider that things like confetti or glitter may get all over the floor and are a pain to clean up afterwards.

Wedding Aisle Decorations

Amazing Ideas for Wedding Aisle Decorations

All eyes are on the bride as she walks down the aisle looking more fabulously radiant than ever! Pretty aisle decoration makes the event more gorgeous. After all, a beautiful bride does deserve an amazing wedding aisle that not only looks appealing but is also the backdrop of the key action! If your wedding is in a church, then the aisle will be defined with traditional decorations of a classic wedding. A pew can optionally be placed closest to alter and will look pretty exquisite too. Many churches have rules that forbid use of materials such as pins, nails, staples, etc., so make sure that you get a little insight into what is permitted ahead of time.

Choose freestanding aisle decorations to line up on the side of the aisle with white lights and palm trees. The decorations will look even more amazing with fresh flowers to line up the sides of the aisles too. Crystals shaped like teardrops scattered all over the branches will also complement the mood of the wedding. The bride dressed in white adorning a crystal necklace and pendant only enhances the background and it really merges well for the occasion. When the event is held outdoors, then there are various ways in which you can define the aisle décor as well. Lining the aisle sides with rose petals that lead down to alter creates a mesmerizing effect. A wedding aisle decorated with organza bows is a great way to add that special effect to floral suspenders.

Closed lanterns glittering amidst the decoration is a good way to add a romantic atmosphere to the whole event too. It creates a serene style while making the occasion so magical. Cute decorations along the aisle such as baskets filled with daisies are able to make things looks pretty as well. However, if you choose a garden setting, then plant rows of flowers along the aisle with drapes behind the alter where the vows are exchanged to draw attention from the guests. The concept of decorating wedding alters with vintage furniture and rustic accessories are yet another idea for an exotic event. Homespun charms for wedding decorations are getting quite popular these days.

The most popular dream wedding concept is one that takes place on a beach. A wedding aisle consisting of decorative seashells that are strewn all over the place and at the alter and around the chairs creates a fun theme for the event. Make sure that you’re careful when placing seashell-filled vessels for decorations. They should not block the walkway and allow the bride to glide down easily. Full skirt wedding dresses are incredibly elaborate and can make it difficult to move; especially with such decorative pieces positioned down the aisle.

Hanging paper lanterns is also a creative way to decorate the wedding aisle. Colorful paper decorations will exhibit your cheerful persona and will be unique compared to other wedding setups where emphasis is mostly laid on the flowers and lighting. For the DIY bride, paper decorative pieces can be more easy to make and can be a fun activity for the bridesmaids as well. So, the run up to the event preparations will be fun-filled with loads of exciting stuff to get the wedding decked out with pomp and show!

5 Fun Wedding Themes

Western WeddingThe bride in a flowing white dress, the groom in a smart black tuxedo, and the front steps of a cathedral: we all have a specific image in our mind when we hear the word “wedding.” While the elegant classical wedding is the ideal for some, though, it shouldn’t be thought of as a one-size-fits-all option. Each wedding can be as unique and inspired as the couple getting married. Those guidelines and traditions shouldn’t be thought of as unbreakable rules. Here are a few wedding themes that are less traditional, but can be a lot of fun for the right couple.


A rustic wedding trades glitz and glamour for handmade, down-to-earth charm. For a perfect rustic wedding venue, consider a converted barn, apple orchard, winery, or park. Flowers like bluebells, daisies, and other wildflowers take the place of roses and carnations. For décor, think handmade and simple: candles in mason jars, rope, and horseshoes. The bride can wear a simple homespun dress; the groom will look great in a chambray shirt, suspenders, a bow tie, and chinos.


If a down-home rustic wedding still isn’t down home enough, go all out with a Western theme. Bridesmaids and groomsmen alike will look sharp in matching cowboy hats and boots. Put the groom in (well-fitting) jeans and a cowboy shirt with mother-of-pear snaps. Even the bride can get away with jeans with a Western theme, provided they’re matched with a white blouse and Stetson. Western themes work best with an outside ceremony, where you can decorate with hay bales and lanterns without worrying about a mess or fire hazard. You could even barbecue for the reception dinner–but serving hardtack and beans might be going a little too far.


If the rustic and Western styles seem a little too homespun for you, go for it full-on with the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20’s. You’ll want to book a fancy venue, preferably one with some art deco architectural style. The groomsmen can wear sharp tuxedoes, the bridesmaids in flapper-inspired dresses and finger waves in their hair. Let the champagne (and the gin rickeys) flow at the reception and teach your guests how to Lindy Hop and do the Charleston.


It takes a certain kind of theatrical mindset to really pull off a gothic wedding, but the results can be quite striking when it’s done properly. Modern gothic style is a combination of Victorian fashion with an elegiac sensibility and just a smidgen of fairy-tale romance. Think black lace, red candles, skulls and ravens for the décor. The bridesmaids can carry black lace parasols, and don’t forget the eyeliner for the groomsmen. Makeup for the whole wedding party should be generous and messy. Make sure the signature drink at the reception is a blood-red concoction: a Bloody Mary or sangria, perhaps. Fangs are optional.

Fairy Tale

Bring a touch of the fantastical to your wedding with a fairy tale theme. An outdoor venue like a park–or better yet, your local Renaissance Festival–will give the proper atmosphere. Look to your old copy of Pierrot’s fairy tales for design cues: for example, you could have the bridesmaids wear red hooded cloaks and carry baskets of flowers.  Hand out bags of magic (jelly) beans as wedding favors. The décor should be all natural–garlands of branches, chains of flowers, vibrant greens, yellows, and reds as the colors.

If you and your significant other share a particular interest or aesthetic style, don’t hesitate to make it part of the wedding plan. Whether your reception is a hoedown or a Gothic poetry reading, your guests are sure to enjoy a non-traditional ceremony.