Fall Wedding Venue

Choosing a Fall Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue for your fall wedding allows you the chance to be creative in your planning. Depending on where you live, scheduling a fall wedding in a venue such as an apple orchard or even a winery can help bring the feel of the season into your wedding day. In an apple orchard or winery you will likely have a beautiful backdrop of fall foliage to accompany you on your ceremony.

You can even have a fall wedding at an indoor venue and still bring some aspects of the season the wedding. A small, cozy venue with rich dark wood and a fireplace can help it feel like a crisp fall day without the need to be outside. The décor will make your indoor wedding perfect for the fall months.

If you live in Vermont or are willing to get married there, several venues lend themselves well to a fall wedding. An outdoor wedding in Vermont can include a breathtaking backdrop such as waterfalls, mountains and even covered bridges. The landscape and the foliage make any venue in Vermont a beautiful one.

A fall wedding in California calls for a ceremony in Yosemite National Park. Though you’ll need to schedule your wedding for September, and couples are encouraged to hold their wedding in the morning, the park offers several choices in venues for your wedding. These include the Lower Yosemite Fall Paved Trail, the Bridalveil Fall and Swinging Bridge, Cathedral and Sentinel Beach Picnic Areas. You’ll need to have your wedding in early fall to have it at one of these venues. You’ll also have to ensure your ceremony is no more than two hours long.

For an Atlanta wedding during the fall months you have several great choices of venues at your disposal. One of those venues is the Vecoma At The Yellow River, where you can have an indoor or outdoor wedding in September or the beginning of October. Located right off the water, it provides a beautiful backdrop for a fall wedding. You are limited to 250 guests at this venue.

Another great Atlanta venue for a fall wedding is The Piedmont Room & Garden When you hold your wedding here you will have a view of Piedmont Park during the day with the added bonus of the Midtown skyline after dark. Its Garden Tent allows you to have an outdoor wedding in the fall while keeping your guests out of the cool air.

The Peachtree Club is another Atlanta wedding venue that accommodates indoor and outdoor weddings in the fall. It is elevated 28 stories from the ground, providing spectacular views for your wedding ceremony and reception. Its terrace can accommodate a sit down dinner reception of 100 or a cocktail reception for 200. The outdoor areas can hold as many as 160 wedding guests.

These fall wedding venues will all help you make your big day even more memorable. The wedding venue you choose is always an important decision, so make sure you take your time to weigh out all of your options before you choose one for your fall wedding.

Fall Wedding Color Schemes

Best Fall Wedding Color Schemes

A fall wedding calls for an appropriate color scheme; especially if you want your wedding to look fab instead of drab! Many fall wedding colors can look dirty or depressing if not used properly, and choosing the best one can be difficult for some couples. When deciding on a color scheme couples need to look at when during the fall season their wedding will take place.

Towards the beginning of the fall season the best wedding color schemes include shades of red ranging from as bright as an apple to as dark as burgundy. Other acceptable color schemes for a fall wedding include a combination of green and cream white or marigold and pumpkin orange.

Any respectable fall wedding color scheme includes apple red because it has always been a symbol of the season. It can be used as the most prominent color in a wedding scheme or used simply to serve as an accent color. Any fall color scheme that includes red often includes various shades, which give a wedding a more textured look.

Green and marigold are often used in fall wedding color schemes because they are bright, warm colors that convey the mood of the season. While this is true, it is also true that marigold and green are colors that aren’t overwhelming to look at in large quantities. This is the simplest and most classic color scheme for a fall wedding.

When planning a wedding for the middle of the fall season the best color scheme is a combination of browns and metallic shades. Red can also be used for mid fall weddings because it pairs well with wisteria and sage green. Peach and burgundy are also popular colors for a fall wedding. One of the reasons why these are the preferred colors is that flowers in these colors can easily be acquired. These color schemes give any wedding a touch of class and a traditional feel.

Orange can be used as a base color for a fall wedding scheme when the event is being held at this time period between the beginning of the fall season and the end of it. For a softer feel, many couples choose peach and a color such as cream or sage green for their decorating scheme. Dusty red and pink colors can also be added in.

Combining gold, bronze and copper can also help create the ideal fall color scheme for any wedding. Any one of these colors also works well as an accent color. For couples on a budget that don’t want to have their wedding look like it was designed on a budget, metallic colors are an excellent choice for décor.

A wedding being held towards the end of the fall season calls for darker colors such as chocolate brown. Using cream and mocha colors in addition to chocolate brown is often the best choice in color schemes. Neutral colors and shades can enhance a late fall wedding. When combined with gold, neutral colors can help create an appropriate fall color scheme that will leave wedding guests dazzled by the sophisticated feel they experience throughout the day.

Fall Wedding Games

Fun Games for a Fall Wedding

When the sultry, sweltering days of summer give way to the cooler days of fall, the themes of weddings transform in exciting ways. In many places, the weather is still optimal for outdoor weddings, and even when the days become a little cloudier, the same fun celebrations can take place indoors. Keeping guests at your wedding entertained is top priority, and there are so many fun ideas for games at fall weddings!

A carnival-themed wedding is always a big hit, and can be dressed up in an elegant fashion or kept casual for a low-key reception. All the carnival games you remember can be set up for wedding reception entertainment either indoors or out.

Ring Toss is one game that everyone loves and is easy to play – and to DIY! Directions for how to make your own ring toss game can be found online, and it’s really easy to incorporate your wedding colors.

Another great game that tends to be a crowd favorite is Corn Hole. You can order customized boards on Etsy, but you can also build your own with fairly easy instructions and then paint them any design you like. Wedding colors or even perhaps the colors of the bride and grooms college teams would be perfect. Cornhole can be played indoors and outdoors, and the rules can be found at the official website (there is, in fact, an American Cornhole Association).

An outside-only throwing game that has been around for ages is Horseshoes, and a regulation set of them can be found on Amazon. Horseshoes may not be a game for a wedding with a lot of kids, but still really fun to play for a group of adults.

Balloon darts are always a fun and (mostly) safe choice for kids of all ages! Find darts that are not for an actual dart board – an inexpensive set is fine to use and won’t come with the puncture power that a real darts can have. Set them up with a curtain behind the board to prevent stray throws from losing the darts!

If you’re feeling up for a real challenge, you can rent inflatable obstacle courses to challenge guests young and old! It’s only been a feature at one wedding so far, but it was really exciting!

There’s no need to include prizes, since the joy of your wedding is what guests are there to celebrate. But if you were so inclined, there are a lot of choices for funny and wedding-themed trophies and ribbons that you can have customized to give your guests. Whatever games you choose to include in your fall wedding reception, they’re sure to be a hit!

Wedding Seasons: Pros and Cons

4 SeasonsSo you (or your significant other) has popped the question, you’ve done the ring and the tears and the gushing to your friends. This begs the most basic question: when’s the big day? Will it be a traditional June wedding, or a January winter wonderland? Will you be wearing a hat and scarf or sandals? Here are the pros and cons of having a wedding in each season of the calendar year. Note: this list assumes you live in a locale that has all four seasons. If you’re one of the fortunate few who live in a state of perpetual spring and summer, you don’t need my help on this one.


Snow on the ground, Christmas in the air, the crackle of a fire–there is definitely romance and beauty to be found in a winter wedding. Your bridal party could dress in icy blues and silvers to complement the season, and the bridesmaids can accessorize with muffs and scarves. Since the groom and groomsmen are dressed for cold weather regardless of the season, what with an undershirt, dress shirt, vest, and jacket, they’ll certainly be more comfortable. You could even arrange a romantic sleigh ride as part of the ceremony, and cocoa and cookies make for a great snack in the latter hours of the reception.

The downside of the cold weather is, of course, that it’s cold outside. Those beautiful snow-covered pictures will take some braving the elements to procure, and a runny nose might wreck the most carefully-applied makeup. There’s also the chance that a winter storm might put the kibosh on guests’ travel plans.

  • Pros: Romantic setting, fun holiday themes, less crowded venues.
  • Cons: Cold, dangerous driving.


What better metaphor for love could there be than the season in which all things grow and bloom? You’ll have no shortage of fresh flowers for a spring wedding, and the vibrant nature all around is a great inspiration for a brightly-colored bridal party. You’ll avoid sweltering in the dog days of summer and freezing in the wintertime. Provided your locale has a temperate spring, it’s a great choice for the day.

With all those growing things, however, comes pollen, and with pollen comes allergies. Expect some degree of sniffling and sneezing during the ceremony. There’s also the risk of a late-season chill that might make your spring fantasia a little wintrier than you had planned.

  • Pros: Bright colors, everything in bloom, moderate temperatures.
  • Cons: Unpredictable weather, seasonal allergies.


There’s a reason that June is the traditional month for weddings. The days are getting longer; the temperature is warm but not July-hot; it’s the ideal season to go on a tropical honeymoon. Something about the warming temperatures tends to warm the blood, too; the beginning of summer is a naturally romantic time.

This also explains why it’s hard to book a wedding venue in those prime summer months. Expect to plan your ceremony over a year in advance to get a popular venue in June; otherwise, you might be stuck with the hotter, stickier days in July and August, which are murder for overdressed groomsmen and bridesmaids alike.

  • Pros: Warm, temperate, romantic.
  • Cons: Competing for venue space, sweaty wedding photos.


The slight chill in the air, apple cider and pumpkin spice, the crunch of falling leaves: autumn is a delight to the senses. Sure, plants are turning brown and the world is preparing for its winter nap, but the vivid oranges and reds of autumn can make for striking centerpieces and a well-dressed bridal party. Autumn is an unconventional choice for a wedding, so it might be easier to book that hard-to-get-into wedding venue for a late September or October date.

Autumn might be a trickier travel time for your guests, though, sandwiched between summer vacation and holiday travel. And autumn’s rustic aesthetic is definitely unconventional; it’s definitely not for every couple.

  • Pros: beautiful foliage, comfortable temperatures, getting away with putting acorns in boutonnieres.
  • Cons: Unconventional, may be tricky for traveling guests, rustic.

A wedding ceremony can be so many different things: a frozen fantasy, a spring fling, a sultry summer ceremony, or an autumnal affair. When planning your wedding, keep in mind the color palette you’d like to work with, how you want your bridal party to be dressed, and how you want those all-important pictures to look. If your season matches your wishes, you’ll end up with a magical day, no matter what time of year it is.