4 Fun and Nerdy Wedding Themes

Lord of the Rings Wedding BandsWe’ve taken a trip to the shallow end of nerdy wedding themes in previous articles, but now it’s time to leap off the diving board and really go deep into “geekery”. If you and your partner have a particular nerdy obsession that defines you as a couple–if you met at Comic-Con and hooked up because your cosplay was compatible–go for broke with one of these 4 fun and extremely nerdy wedding themes.

Harry Potter

Even though each of the Harry Potter books covers a full year, because of the movies we always think winter and fall when we think Potter. Cold weather is better for a Potter-themed wedding anyway–that way the robes and scarves won’t look out of place. An entry-level Harry Potter theme definitely involves picking house colors and an appearance by the sorting hat. Mid-level has the officiant saying “Expecto Matrimonium!” instead of “I now pronounce you man and wife.” For the expert level, turn the obligatory “everyone jumps at the same time” picture into a Quidditch match, and have your rings delivered by a trained owl.

Hunger Games

We’ve seen a few Hunger Games wedding themes pop up online, and though we don’t completely get it (books about starvation and murder=big fun wedding time?), we’re not about to deny anyone their chosen fandom. We do recommend sticking with the Panem side of things for the wedding, though–opulent dress and groaning tables full of food beats making your guests eat whatever they can shoot with a bow and arrow. Entry level has the officiant saying, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” instead of “I now pronounce you…” Mid-level features a cake painted to look like tree bark, in a nod to Peeta’s camouflage skills. The expert level wedding theme has the groom start to marry the bride’s younger sister, until the bride volunteers as tribute and takes her rightful place.

Star Wars

This is the 900-pound gorilla of sci-fi fandom as far as wedding themes go, undiminished by the fact that no one’s made a decent Star Wars movie in 30 years (though that may change in 2015). There’s no denying the Imperial March makes great processional music, and we can definitely get behind bridesmaids carrying blasters instead of flowers. Dress the officiant as Emperor Palpatine and have him or her urge the bride and groom to “give in to the love side.” Entry level has the bride and groom dressed as white-dress Leia and Han Solo. Mid-level features the couple walking out under a light-saber arc while “Celebrate the Love” plays on the overhead. Expert level has the bridesmaids dressed as storm troopers and the groomsmen as Tusken raiders, and a cake shaped like a TaunTaun.

Lord of the Rings

There are definitely fans out there who think of Lord of the Rings as a deeply romantic work, even though the books don’t feature any romantic entanglements at all. Peter Jackson teased out a love affair between Arwen and Aragorn for the film version, but the books are much more “bromantic” than romantic. Still, Sam and Frodo’s relationship features all the loyalty, dedication, and commitment that you could want for a wedding ceremony, so I guess it makes sense. Entry-level has the bride and groom decked out as elves, either from Rivendell or Lothlorien, and the wedding party dressed as elves, dwarves, and/or hobbits. Mid-level has the best man refusing to give up the ring because it’s “His precious.” The expert level wedding theme is a full-day wedding celebration incorporating the ceremony and all seven Hobbit meals, preferably outdoors by a gigantic tree.

There’s something about fantasy worlds that can unite people, bring them together in service of a vision of a better world (or a world where our problems are more easily identified and solved). Use your wedding theme to bring your guests out of their mundane lives for a day dedicated to that grand undertaking most adults unwisely leave out of their regular routines — make-believe.