Floral Centerpieces

Floral Centerpieces for Every Season

Flowers can be a large part of a couples wedding budget, especially when ordering flowers that are rare or out of season. Peonies can be more expensive than using roses in some cases! So what are the best flowers for a floral centerpiece and what are some options based on the season you may be holding your wedding in? We’ve got a break down of seasons and with it, the flowers that will suit centerpiece arrangements the best while saving couples some money.

Spring Floral Centerpieces

Spring weddings are incredibly popular and offer many choices as far as flowers go for centerpieces. You can make a simple but beautiful centerpiece statement using sunflowers, which are in season in the spring time. Add a long vase with water to support the sunflower and tie it with a complimentary ribbon color for simplicity with a pop of color. For a larger centerpiece, tulips, which are also in season, are available in an array of colors and look fantastic when they’re paired with greenery.

Summer Floral Centerpieces

If you want something different than peonies for your summer wedding, you are in luck. Many flowers are in bloom in the summer time, but here are a couple you might not have thought about. Daffodils add a pop of yellow to centerpieces and look beautiful in bouquets as well. Magnolias are stunning white flowers that, when added to greenery make for the perfect centerpiece. Adorn with some crystals for a more vintage look, or add some color with a simple gerbera. Alternately, if you want a bright centerpiece with many different colors, consider zinnias. These flowers look beautiful in pairs in small vases, or as a part of a larger, cascading centerpiece.

Fall Floral Centerpieces

Fall allows florists to get a little bit more creative with their centerpieces and what they include. A flower that often goes unnoticed is the brilliant amaranthus, which is a seasonal fall flower. Paired with greenery or other complimentary colors to its beautiful bright red, this large flower makes for a fantastic centerpiece. Sometimes paired with white roses or even various fruits, the amaranthus flower is the perfect statement piece. If you want something a little more stylish and sleek, snapdragons are also in season in the fall and winter and look great accented in a simple vase by some greenery and a complimentary colored ribbon on the vase.

Winter Floral Centerpieces

Don’t think there are any good flowers in season in the wintertime? Think again! With greenhouses all over, there is always something available for everyone. While some couples decide to embrace the winter theme and will make centerpieces with pinecones and pine ferns, others choose to brighten up their winter reception with a stunning array of bright gerberas. Calla lilies are also widely available in the winter time and come in an array of natural and dyed colors. Its elegant trumpet shape can be played up by using additional flowers, or kept the center of attention by using some simple greenery. Lay this arrangement on a small pedestal with white crystals dangling from it to mimic ice, and add a tea light or two to warm up the arrangement.

Choosing Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial FlowersWedding flowers are an essential part of the decorations for any wedding, and often times they will not be included in the price of your venue rental. Occasionally, a ceremony or reception venue will supply standard bouquets and centerpieces around the hall that will be reused for every wedding that comes through, but often times you’ll need to supply them yourself. That isn’t all bad, though, since you will probably have a personal preference in the variety and colors that you want your wedding flowers to be. Unfortunately, the cost of buying wedding flowers is usually pretty high, which means you’re going to end up paying an arm and a leg for plants that you’ll be throwing away the next day.

The good news is that there are many great alternatives to buy expensive wedding flowers from a florist, namely artificial flowers. Though it may sound like you are compromising from your original plan of having real flowers, choosing artificial wedding flowers actually has many benefits over buying the real thing. Here are a few things to consider before you decide whether to buy real flowers or opt to buy artificial flowers for your wedding.

Types of Artificial Flowers

There are three main types of artificial flowers that can replace the real thing; plastic flowers, paper flowers, and wooden flowers. Plastic flowers are a great choice because they are very inexpensive and are made to look very similar to the real thing. They are also available in a wide variety of colors; even color choices that you can’t get with real flowers because they are too complex to occur in nature or for your florist to use dye to reproduce. Also, since you can buy them made from recycled plastics, they are considered eco-friendly.

The next option is paper flowers which don’t actually look anything like real flowers but will still get the same point across. You can either spend a lot of time folding paper into the shape of flowers yourself, otherwise you can buy them premade to save yourself a lot of time and paper cuts. Like plastic flowers, paper flowers can be made from recycled materials.

Lastly, there are wooden flowers available that look very close to the real thing except they are carved out of wood. Most commonly, you will see wooden roses when shopping for flowers made out of wood. Though they aren’t made from recycled materials, they are the closest you can get to real looking flowers while still shaving off the vast majority of the expense.

The Smell

Artificial flowers don’t have a scent naturally, but fortunately they make floral sprays that you can use to imitate the scent. Just squirt a little on each bouquet or single flower and the smell will linger well through your entire wedding ceremony and reception. Since the fragrances are derived from actual flowers, it will smell very close to the real thing.

Great Keepsakes

One of the hidden benefits of buying artificial flowers for your wedding is that they don’t rot over time. This means that instead of throwing them in the trash like you’d have to do with your real flowers, you can hand them out to your guests as keepsakes that will last virtually forever. Your guests will love taking home their artificial flowers, and you can save money at the same time.