Wooden Roses

Wooden Roses

1/4 Case

(50 Roses)


1/2 Case

(100 Roses)


Full Case

(200 Roses)


About Our Wooden Roses

Wooden roses make an excellent addition to any wedding celebration. Each wooden rose is handcrafted with detail featuring Birchwood rose petals, realistic fabric leaves, and a wire core stem that is bendable into whatever position you desire. Wooden roses essentially last forever, making them a great alternative to real roses without sacrificing beauty. Their durability and long-lasting design makes them a great keepsake for your guests to bring home, and look just as good in a vase on your reception tables as the real thing.

We offer our wooden roses in your choice of 11 different color options. Please view the gallery below for examples of each color option.

Red Wooden Roses

Pink Wooden Roses

White Wooden Roses

Forest Green Wooden Roses

Purple Wooden Roses

White/Purple Wooden Roses

White/Red Wooden Roses

White/Orange Wooden Roses

White/Yellow Wooden Roses

White/Blue Wooden Roses

Red/Black Wooden Roses