10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

1 Sleeve

(8 Sparklers)


Full Box

(104 Sparklers)


1/2 Case

(304 Sparklers)


Full Case

(600 Sparklers)


About Our 10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

10” wedding sparklers make great centerpieces for your reception tables or can be used for spectacular sendoff lines. When using them as centerpieces, you can mix them in with a few wooden roses to make something both functional and beautiful. As our most affordable option, 10” wedding sparklers will give you the largest quantity of sparklers for your money.

While our 10 inch wedding sparklers make for dazzling sendoff lines and wedding photos, many people find that they burn up too quickly. Because photos require lighting several sparklers and handing them out, many people opt for longer sparklers for this purpose. If being used for a sendoff line alone, 10” wedding sparklers offer the benefit of being fast and easy to light. Because our 10” wedding sparklers feature a steel wire core, they are considered smokeless.

How Many Should I Get?

Our 10” wedding sparklers last about 30-45 seconds each. We recommend buying at least 5 sparklers per guest to ensure that you have plenty of sparklers and that they won’t be used before you are able to complete your sendoff line or photos.