36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

1/2 Box

(48 Sparklers)


Full Box

(96 Sparklers)


1/2 Case

(144 Sparklers)


Full Case

(288 Sparklers)


About Our 36" Wedding Sparklers

At almost double the length of our 20” wedding sparklers, our 36” wedding sparklers are also nearly twice as thick as any of our other size sparklers. This makes our 36” wedding sparklers last much longer and burn with the largest and most brilliant sparkle effects of any of our sparklers. With a duration of between 3-4 minutes for each one, you will not find a longer lasting wedding sparkler anywhere which makes them one of best values available.

Perfect for use in wedding pictures, these 36 inch wedding sparklers will give you plenty of time to snap that memorable shot. The huge sparkling effects also make for an unforgettable sendoff line experience that will translate into great memories for you and your guests. Because our 36” wedding sparklers feature a steel wire core, they are considered smokeless.

How Many Should I Get?

Our 36” wedding sparklers last about 3-4 minutes each. Because of their long burn time, you only need 1-2 sparklers per guest without fear of using them up too quickly.