Heart Shaped Sparklers

Heart Shaped Sparklers

6 Sleeves

(36 Sparklers)


Full Case

(216 Sparklers)


About Our Heart Shaped Sparklers

Our heart shaped sparklers are one of the most incredibly unique sparklers we carry. These beautiful sparklers are an excellent choice for centerpieces on your reception tables, and really enhance the décor for any wedding. With a length of 12”, these heart shaped wedding sparklers look as good unlit as they do when they are lit.

Also, heart shaped sparklers have a special feature about them that traditional sparklers don’t offer. With these unique sparklers, you have 2 choices of how to light them. You can either light one side and watch the sparkles go all around the heart, or you light it at the bottom and watch it sparkle around both sides at the same time and ending together at the dip of the heart.

The burn time for our heart shaped sparklers is about 1 ½ minutes, but this time will vary depending on how you or your guests choose to light the sparklers. Because our heart shaped sparklers feature a steel wire core, they are considered smokeless.